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Rocco Caine


Rocco Caine Rocco Caine
Rocco Caine is definitely an “art obsessed” producer and DJ and, who knows, maybe one of the most art oriented in the German electro and techno scene. His passion for all kinds of arts started to appear very early and already in young age his main interest was to find in painting, sculpture and of course, and above all, in... music!
As a kid, he plays different instruments, but then discovers the power of computer-aided sounds. This discovery was to change everything! From there on, his focus went on getting to know the different genres of electronic music and to experiment new things using all his creativity, knowledge in music and notes and mixing it with a natural sense for trends… it doesn’t take long for him to find his own way and style, a style unmistakably inspired by the techno sound he most loves. The Rocco Caine sound was born!
His work is having success almost straight away. In fact, from the very beginning many of his tracks are performed in the best clubs around the world by famous DJs such as Laurent Garnier, Len Faki, Joris Voorn, Trentemoller, Anthony Rother, Gary Beck, M.A.N.D.Y, Joachim Spieth, to name just a few. Nevertheless his enthusiasm and perfectionism push him to go further, so he decides to learn about the techniques and technologies that go with the production of sounds and tunes on a professional level, giving birth to an amazing and absolutely unique mastering technique that from then on will become part of his work. The result of that new challenge is clear: Every single track signed Rocco Caine is recognisable not only by his “cainish style”, but as well by a plainness and precision that don’t abolish the deepness and intensity of his frantic bass line and still transmit the heaviness of dub and techno beats! That’s the identity-kit of the unique “Rocco Caine sound”! A sound that has a constant growing number of fans in front and behind the mixing tables and that led to really interesting projects with great names of the german and international scene: Heiko Laux (Kanzleramt, Neuton, U-Turn), Justin Berkovi (Harthouse, Terminal M, Perc Trax), LOD / Luis Ortiz (Klitekture, Sinergy-Networks, Calima)...
After a few label collaborations such as Feet Symphony (where he was co-founder), Hörgut Records as well as events and Gocaine, a techno project that he started with AndK, his friend and alter ego in terms of interpreting sounds, Rocco Caine makes Leutral Recordings to his “home base” and finally starts his own vinyl label called Cronlog in 2011. The years 2010 and 2011 so far have been extremely productive with numerous tracks on both labels: Corpus (including a remix by Matt Star), Urbach, Eject, Sonar (with a remix by Heiko Laux), Hornist, Fatand50 (and a remix by Estroe "Phat") which reaches the 22nd position of the Beatport charts and gets re-released on Get Physical Music, a remix for Martin Brunner called Is It What, Ahoi Schaum, Schopenhauer (including Justin Berkovi’s remix), Icon (with a Sawf Dub rework), Batch, etc… The list is already long and there is much more to come!
A few more massive tracks and remixes by Rocco Caine that have been released over the past years are: Alex Young - Reminimalized (remix by Rocco Caine), Christian Fischer - Drop In (remix by Rocco Caine on Definition Records), Ladies On Mars - Stop Lying To Me (remixed by Rocco Caine), Rocco Caine - Hornist (on ZYX), Koefer & Strube - Febrile (Rocco Caine’s "Endorphin" remix on Whirlpoolsex Music), Rocco Caine - Acapulco (played by Xenia Beliayeva), Gocaine - we love Daktari (re-released on Sinergy-Networks) Rocco Caine - Titan that reached rank 18 on the Juno Charts.
DJing is one other passion… 4 decks and the desire of an endless dancing night will take the “night owls” on an amazing sound journey in which the only stopovers are the surprising sonorous effects and the experimental rhythmic breaks that melt together with lightness and virtuosity… Rocco Caine simply invites to an odyssey in the meander of light, sound and darkness...
But above all, what makes Rocco Caine unique is his modesty that he’s never lost over the years… his philosophy is and remains quite effective: Don’t fly too far up, but go as far as you can and if you can even a bit further...! (Text by Nathalie C.)


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LEU009 - Rocco Caine - Unterbauer EP incl. Justin Berkovi Remix

Rocco Caine sees himself as a student, whose philosophy he perceives as the preparation of his own teaching. Within the electronic music he developed his own composition ... >>

LEU006 - Martin Brunner - Thats What It Is incl. Remixes by Patrick Kunkel & Rocco Caine

contains remixes by Patrick Kunkel and Rocco Caine !!! Austrian musican Martin Brunner aka Madney Moon scores with two refreshing tracks. With a wonderful catchy melody ... >>

LEU005 - Rocco Caine - Fathorn50 EP incl. Estroe Remix

contains a remix by Estroe !!! massive new vinyl by Rocco Caine !!! no more words to say. contains the phat melodic remix by Estroe (Connaisseur Rec. / EevoNext) supported ... >>

LEU004 - Rocco Caine - Sonar incl. Heiko Laux Remix

contains a remix by Heiko Laux (Kanzleramt)!!! Rocco Caine presents his second massive vinyl on Leutral Recordings with an must-have peak time track. a phat anthem starting ... >>

LEU002 - Rocco Caine - Urpus EP incl. Matt Star Remix

contains a remix by Matt Star !!! Rocco Caine has released his first EP on vinyl with the label Leutral Recordings. That young german is treated as an insider tip among ... >>


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